FILM Truck Raw black and gold 5.5 (PAIR)

FILM Truck Raw black and gold 5.5 (PAIR)

Sold as a pair.
Originally Cliché Skateboards’ sister company, FILM are producing high-quality and well-designed trucks at an insanely low cost. These are the classic “raw” trucks; FILM also produce a range of graphic trucks for the more fashion-conscious skater.

There’s a lot to love on FILM’s trucks; stock bushings which slot into the hangar, holding it still around the kingpin; a baseplate which can still use traditional hex-head kingpins; faced hangar ends to ensure the bearings can spin properly; and, of course, solid construction and a great turn.

The FILM 5.5 trucks are a perfect match for decks between 8″ and 8.5″ wide, but with an 8.25″ axle, they’re absolutely perfect for any 8.25″ wide deck – so no more compromises with slightly mismatched truck and deck sizes!